Waterproof Membrane Solutions

Waterproof Membranes Installed Throughout Auckland

Protect your property with a high-quality roof membrane installed by our expert team at Quality Roof Coatings. We have extensive experience installing roof membranes on properties throughout the Auckland area, including on new roof installation and re-roofing projects. We also use the highest quality roof membrane materials from leading brands to ensure long-lasting and highly effective results. Our waterproof membranes can also be installed on decks..

Your flat roof faces almost constant exposure from the elements but because it is flat, there is limited structural protection. As a result, water damage is more likely on flat roofs than pitched roofs, unless your flat roof is properly protected. Installing a waterproof membrane is the best solution, plus you get an extensive warranty for added peace of mind.

Installing a new waterproof membrane as part of your roofing project is the best investment you can make. Get a quote today.


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Our Waterproof Membrane Expertise

At Quality Roof Coatings, we can work with your existing builder to install a waterproof membrane on your roof, or we can complete the installation as part of additional repair or restoration work that we are completing on your property. Our waterproof membranes are suitable for both residential and commercial buildings.

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High-Quality Workmanship

The quality of your roof membrane depends on the installation workmanship, and you can expect the best when you choose us.

We also offer a wide variety of membrane options to suit your roof, requirements, and budget. Get in touch today to get a quote.

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