Moss and Mould Removal

Moss and Mould Removal in North Shore

Moss and mould are known in our industry as roof cancer because of the damage it can do to roofs. That damage can be very costly to fix, making moss and mould removal an essential maintenance task.

At QRC Roofing, we offer highly effective and affordable moss and mould removal services in North Shore. Our tried and tested processes will effectively remove moss, mould, and lichen, leaving your roof looking clean and tidy while also ensuring it is not being damaged.

We have environmentally friendly cleaning materials available, plus the work can be completed in a single day. Get in touch now to get a free, no-obligation quote.

What We Do

Our moss and mould removal services are available all year, but the best time to get this essential maintenance work done is before winter properly sets in. The process is straightforward:

  • We apply a specialist moss, mould, and lichen remover to your roof
  • After a period of 3-6 Months the solution will work its magic and take care of the rest

We use high-quality and well-maintained equipment, plus each member of our team is experienced and trained. This includes being qualified to work at height.

Keeping Your Roof Free from Moss and Mould

Once moss and mould is removed from your roof, you can prevent it from coming back by getting your roof regularly cleaned. Our roof cleaning services that can help in this regard include:

  • Roof water blasting
  • Clearing debris from your roof, including branches and leaves
  • Drain cleaning

To find out more about these services, or about moss and mould removal, please contact us today on 021 034 2458.